Bodalev’s Brewery and Mead-Making Buildings

Bodalev's Brewery

Bodalev’s brewery and mead-making buildings are the only example of industrial buildings of this type in Izhevsk that are erected in a modern style.

The company was founded in 1872 by the merchant I.I. Bodalev from Sarapul. The first factory buildings were wooden. The construction of the stone building began in 1882. At the time of the construction the territory of the factory belonged to the Artillery Department and it was extremely difficult to get it. To solve this problem, I.I. Bodalev built an artificial peninsula wedged into the pond on which the buildings were erected.

The factory consisted of the two L-shaped buildings connected by passages and ended with a three-storey tower. The first floor is located in the basement and separated from the upper floors with a cornice; the upper floors are united with peculiar blades and bars on the roof. Organization of the facades provides arched and rectangular windows, strips of a “brick ornament” typical for a modern style.

In 1914, due to public contribution near the old factory building, a pumping house of water supply service of Nagornaya Volost was built. They couldn’t equip it with the necessary machinery, so in the years 1917-1924 it housed a “public mill”, then the city brewery. In the 1970s the building was adapted for a vocational school; it housed classrooms, workshops, an assembly hall, and maintenance buildings.

Currently, the new concepts are being developing for the further use of the Bodalev brewery and mead-making buildings. In the future, this building will be one of the largest and most famous cultural centers of the capital of the Udmurt Republic, a place of attraction for young and creative people of the city.


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