City sculpture "Izhik"


"Izhik" was founded in the capital of the Republic on November 4, 2010. An amusing and charming boy dressed in a kaftan has been perceived for a long time as a city talisman, and now the sculpture is an integral part of the Central Square of Izhevsk.

The history of the new city sculpture is unusual. It connected together thousands of citizens and one of the main enterprises of the Republic, OJSC Izhstal. The idea of creation of the Izhik’s sculpture belongs to the Udmurt regional division of the “United Russia” party and the children's social movement "Youth".

The unusual material was used for creating this sculpture - residents of Izhevsk collected old keys. "We wanted to collect exactly keys, because a key is a symbolical thing. Keys open any locks, break down barriers between people. And melted keys have to open hearts of citizens to each other", as told the head of the children's social movement "Youth" Nikolay Haliullin.

To collect keys, within the framework of the project "250 years’ anniversary of Izhevsk - 250 beneficences" there was a campaign "I am a Resident of Izhevsk". Boxes for collecting keys were established at schools, kindergartens, shopping centers of the city. Unnecessary, old keys got the second life and became keys to souls of Izhevsk residents.

Collected keys were enough to create a half meter high sculpture and about 800 kilograms by weight. Already at the first stage of the project realization Izhstal factory joined it. Izhik being taken as a basis, well familiar to citizens, factory masters created a miniature three-dimensional wooden model of the little boy dressed in kaftan. At one moment factory workers decided to ask for the help of professional sculptors, but then professional pride of workers from iron foundry №17 prevailed, and the sculpture was made on their own.

"Izhik" is an unusual city sculpture; it is a symbol of continuity of traditions and a young generation of Izhevsk.


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