"Goat" sculpture in the "Birch grove"

"Goat" sculpture

The name “Goats’ park” and the installation of the monument of a goat on its territory is a tribute to the history of the city.

More than 100 years ago this park was a recreation area for Izhevsk plant workers, but then, with the expansion of urban construction, private houses were built around the park, and their owners began to graze goats in the nearby area. Until the early 1990s the park did not have an official name. Most often it was called “Goats’ park” or “Birchwood”, although birches do not prevail in the park area. As the legend implies, that used to be a place of a pagan temple where the Udmurts prayed to the evil God Keremet. Nowadays Goats’ park (Birchwood) is one of the favorite leisure areas for citizens where sports competitions take place. Since 2002 the Udmurt ethnic holiday Gerber has been held in the park area. Gerber is a holiday aimed at preserving and developing of traditional spiritual values of the Udmurt people, and promoting of ethnic culture of the Republic.

On June 9, 2006 an ironic sculpture “Goat” was officially opened in the park. The sculpture is made of bearings, gas tank caps and springs. One hundred and fifty kilograms of scrap metal was used to produce the sculpture.


Area among Avangardnaya Street, Vos’mogo Marta Street, Parkovy crossroads and Karlutka River

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