House of Izhevsk plant commander "The General's house"

The General's house

Construction of the General's house designed by the architect Ivan Kokovikhin began in 1854 and continued until 1857.

Coming and going commanders (later named chiefs) of Izhevsk arms factory lived here with their families and servants; they usually had a rank of a general.

The General's house was built with the money of the treasury. The building was different from the other buildings of the time. The main feature of the project of a two-storey house with a balcony and two side wings was its asymmetry.

In the years 1857-1858 a garden was made around this unique monument of Russian classicism of the middle of XIX century.

There was a "Construction Bureau" in the General's house in 1917; then it housed the Cheka at the end of 1918, and the counterintelligence in spring 1919. In 1924 the house again became the property of the arms factory, and "Metalworkers' Union Club" was opened there. After 4 years the building passed into the ownership of the City Council.

In 1936 the school № 27 was placed in the house (later it was the school № 19). During World War II a hospital was arranged in the building. Since 1957 the first-aid station had been in operation in the reconstructed mansion, and the former "General's Garden" became the main part of the garden named after M. Gorky.

Now the building houses the administrative service of JSC "Summer Garden named after M. Gorky". In September 2012 the Government of the Udmurt Republic made a decision to allocate funds from the Republic budget for the repair and restoration of a historic building of the city, the General's house, and to open a museum of the history of Izhevsk.


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