Ironic sculpture "Izhevsk Crocodile"

Izhevsk Crocodile

The ironic sculpture “Izhevsk crocodile” appeared on the crossroads of Kommunarov Street and Sovetskaya Street in 2005 as part of the Volga Federal District program “Volga Capital of Culture-2005”. The idea to make a crocodile an unofficial brand of Izhevsk had existed for at least a decade. In the tsarist period Izhevsk factory workers were called “Izhevsk crocodiles” for the green honorary caftans. A pot hat was an indispensable part of the outfit. Dating back to the XIX century, during both tsarist and Soviet times various stories about crocodiles regularly escaping into surrounding waters from the circus, menagerie, or emerging from some other unknown places, were typical for Izhevsk mythology. For example, a supplement to “Vyatka gubernial journal” of 15 July 1899 published sensational news in the column “Izhevsk Life” that some of the townsfolk saw a “crocodile which lives in the bottomless deep of Karlutka River and occasionally comes ashore. Now everybody contemplates here where the crocodile came from”.

With the support of CJSC “NPO Electromash” a competition to design a monument to “Izhevsk crocodile” was announced in 2004. From a large number of the works, the project of Asen Safiullin, a student of the Udmurt State University’s Institute of Arts was selected. The sculptor Pavel Medvedev embodied the author’s idea in the cast iron form. The authors of the monument call their creation a symbol of freedom. It is said that crocodiles never get sick and have an outstanding intellect. And if you sit next to this cast iron crocodile, you will surely become smarter.


crossroads of Kommunarov Street and Sovetskaya Street

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