Monument to Andrey Deryabin

Deryabin monument

Monument to A.F. Deryabin, a prominent Russian activist and a mining engineer of the beginning of XIX century, was erected in 1907 in front of the main building of the Izhevsk Arms Factory. A.F. Deryabin’s name (1770-1820) is engraved in gold in the history of Russian technical thought and national industry.

When on the eve of the war with Napoleon the Russian government decided to create a new plant in the Ural region for the production of weapons and firearms, Andrey Deryabin (the head of Goroblagodatsky, Perm and Kama plants and the administrator of Dedyuhinskiy saltmines) proposed to build it on the basis of Izhevsk iron-forging factory that existed since 1760. Deryabin’s project was approved, and he was charged to lead construction works.

On June 10, 1807 the grand opening of the Armory's office initiated the foundation of the factory. Andrey F. Deryabin had been running the factory under construction for three years and he laid not only armory, but also tool making manufacture. In 1810 he was recalled to the capital. Later on A.F. Deryabin was in charge of Izhevsk Arms Factory.

The author of the monument to Andrey Deryabin, Ivan N. Sitnikov, was a theatrical self-taught artist, painter, sculptor; he accomplished his major work referring to an old engraving of the oberberggauptman Andrey Deryabin.

The monument is a bust of A.F. Deryabin in the uniform of the Tsar Alexander times with the Order of Anna and a ribbon over his shoulder. The bronze portrait conveys a portrait resemblance of the depicted. Despite a certain naivety in the performance, the author managed to show significance of the individual and historical importance of the event commemorated by the erection of the monument.

The bust of the founder of the factory was placed on the dam of Izhevsk pond opposite the main building, on the same axis with its central tower. On both sides of the pedestal, where the bust is located, the monograms of the Emperors Alexander I and Nicholay II are placed.

It is said on the bronze board placed at the back of the pedestal that the monument is "erected in memory of the centenary of Izhevsk arms factory from June 10, 1807 till June 10, 1907". Now the waterfront area near the monument to A. Deryabin is one of the most famous and favorite places in the city of Izhevsk.


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