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Drama Theatre

The building of the Russian Drama Theatre (former Palace of Culture “Mashinostroitel”) is a striking example of the development of Soviet constructivist architecture in the architecture of the 1950s.

The first building was erected on the square of Izhevsk Arms Factory. It was built between 1928-1930 under the project of Z.N. Mironova, the VKHUTEMAS graduate (Higher Art and Technical Studios). Initially it was designed for the Club of October Revolution. The main front of the building faced Sovetskaya street, and the bulk of the building occupied the entire block on the Gorky street.

During the World War II the club hosted one of the evacuated factories.

Between 1946 and 1950 the building was reconstructed by the architect V.P. Orlov who used only the basic outline of the construction. At the All-Russian competition of the best buildings built in 1950, the building won the second prize. After that time the club was renamed as the Palace of Culture of Machine builders (DK “Izhmash”).

The author of the sculpture of a worker and a soldier placed over the main entrance (which was lost after the reconstruction of the building in 2011) is an Honored Artist of the Udmurt ASSR (Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) M.H. Tutynin.

In 2007 the Government of the Udmurt Republic decided to reconstruct the Palace of Culture. The largest construction company in the region - Federal State Unitary Enterprise USST №8 - was authorized to lead the implementation of this scale project. Builders tried to restore and keep to the maximum all the decorations of halls. In the main lobby, where dancing parties used to take place, the parquet and stucco works were replaced. The ceiling is decorated with a relief of modern sights of Izhevsk, such as the Residence of the President, the Arsenal, and the Tower of Izhmash.

In November 2011 the State Russian Drama Theatre found a new home in the renovated building of the Palace of Culture “Izhmash”. House-warming is a great creative impulse for the theater and a new surge of interest for the audience. On the occasion of this event the Theater prepared a few premieres of the classical Russian and foreign drama plays, including “Marriage” by Gogol, “Prophetic Dream or Love on Thursday afternoon” by A. Ostrovsky, “Pygmalion” by B. Shaw and others.


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