Sculpture "Monument to Udmurt Armourers"

Izhevsk Armourers

A monument to Izhevsk gunsmiths was established in 2007 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Izhevsk arms and the 60th anniversary of a Kalashnikov gun.

Construction of the monument was initiated by the leaders of Izhevsk industrial enterprises JSC "Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant" and SUE "Izhevsk Mechanical Plant". The author of the monument, a collective image of the best gunsmiths of imperial times awarded with "royal" caftans (kaftanschiki), became Pavel Medvedev. To create a sculpture, Pavel Medvedev used portraits of real people from old photographs, masters of Izhevsk factories.

In terms of composition the monument consists of two figures wearing caftans with gold braid and cylinder hats. Selection of clothing pieces was not made by chance; the royal caftans were sewn on a special request and were granted to the best masters. They were necessarily accompanied with a cane, a cylinder hat and a pair of gloves. The sculptor tried to convey the spirit of the time by using patination technique, so the bronze monument appears to look now as if it was created in a different epoch.

Engraved on granite pylons there are the names of the most famous masters of the enterprises for the last two centuries; they are M.T. Kalashnikov, G.N. Nikonov, V.A.Yarygin, E.F. Dragunov, I.F. Beloborodov, V.P. Ionov, and N.I. Palladin. There are also the names of the two most well-known manufacturers of small arms, the Izhevsk machine-building and mechanical plants.

The monument is a symbol of recognition of Izhevsk gunsmiths’ achievements that depicts common people who made glorious Russian weapons.

The area surrounding the monument is called the Gunsmiths’ Square. Festive celebrations are currently carried out here, such as award-giving ceremonies, initiations of young workers into gunsmiths that symbolize the link of times and continuity of generations.

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