St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral of Izhevsk and Udmurtia Eparchy

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a monument of history and architecture of high Russian classicism. As a sample of the new cathedral, the Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt was taken; it was built in 1817, designed by A.D. Zakharov and destroyed after the revolution.

The Cathedral is a perfect embodiment of Russian classicism - strict, "sovereign", and cool as the weather in St. Petersburg. Square in the plan, cubic by weight, the cold church is covered by spherical dome on a drum. Thrust is alleviated by four heavy pylons with cut corners. Two wall arches lying on the west-east axis are exposed to the altar and the main nave; in the north and south they are treated as niche.

Currently the Cathedral is again painted in the academic style. Here one can venerate to the particles of Holy Calvary Stone and the Tree of the Holy Cross, St.Athanasius the Athonite, Lawrence of the Kiev Caves, Luke of the Kiev Caves, Elijah of Murom, Longinus Athos, Theodore of the Kiev Caves, St. John of Tobolsk, Blessed Great Prince Alexander Nevsky, Venerable Euthymius the Great, St. Seraphim of Sarov, Paul Athos, and Mercurius of the Kiev Caves.

Having revised drafts of the famous architect, S.E. Dudin naturally blended the building of the church with the town planning ensemble of Izhevsk that had been formed by that time. In 1929 the Cathedral was closed at the request of a youth section "League of Militant Atheists". In the same year the bell tower was destroyed, and the cathedral was converted into a club.

Since 1930 the building of the Cathedral served as a children's club and a cinema, and later as a museum of atheism. In 1932, after a new reconstruction, the cinema "Colossus" was opened in the former cathedral. In 1937 the dome of the church was demolished.

The Cathedral was returned to believers in 1990, and after preparing the draft in 1992 restoration works began for the reconstruction of the cathedral. By late 1993 repairs were completed, a new baptismal church, Jordan hole to sanctify the waters, and belfry appeared on the territory of the cathedral. On January 2, 1994 sanctification of the cathedral was held.

The tomb of the founder of Izhevsk arms factory, the builder, oberberggauptman Andrey Fedorovich Deryabin was built on the territory of the cathedral. Ashes of A.F. Deryabin from St. Vvedensky Tolga Monastery near Yaroslavl were moved to Izhevsk. On June 10, 2005 a solemn ceremony of A.F. Deryabin’s reburial was carried out.


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