Main building of the Izhevsk arms factory

Izhevsk arms factory

The main building of the Izhevsk arms factory, built in the style of high classicism, is a unique piece of industrial architecture of Russia of the early XIX century playing a leading role in urban planning of Izhevsk.

Construction of the main building of the factory began in 1811 on a commission from a mining engineer, Andrey Deryabin. The author of the project was a graduate of the Academy of Arts - Semen Dudin.

The young architect was the first in Russia to embody technical idea of organizing a production cycle from the bottom up - from the crudest operations of making work pieces on lower floors of the premises to gradual manufacturing on the top floors. Izhevsk Arms Factory became Russia's first high-rise industrial building.

Construction of the four-storey main building lasted until 1815, and then a three-storey east wing with the passage was built. Interior facilities and finishing were continued until 1820.

In March 1834 owing to a major fire the main building of Izhevsk arms factory was burned down. Fire destroyed the interior, the tower collapsed. Restoration work started in May 1836 under the leadership of a group of architects and engineers. A. Elfimov ran their work. In 1838 the chimes were re-mounted on the tower which were made by Mr. Schtoltz and his assistant R.Glushkov.

During further 10 years the factory building was being rebuilt according to new drawings approved by the Tsar Nicholay I. The final year of the completion of the Izhevsk arms factory is considered to be 1844.

Today the main building of the factory and its multitier round 50-meter high tower with chimes crowning the building are a symbol of the city of Izhevsk.


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