Mikhailovskaya column

Mikhailovskaya column

In 1852 in Bazarnaya square (later Cathedral square) a monument was built to the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich representing a cast-iron column, above which there was a bronze angel with a cross in his hands. On the pedestal of the column there was the inscription on one hand: "To unforgettable General- Fieldzeugmeister from grateful inferiors", and on the other hand there were the dates of his life.

In 1849 the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich (the fourth son of the Russian Emperor Paul I) died. Passionately fond of his brother, Nicolay I wished that this monument was built in Izhevsk, and he personally set the date for its grand opening - 8th of November. Funds for the construction of the monument were collected by subscription among officials and workmen of the arms factory. Technical documentation of the monument was designed by factory architects under the guidance of the chief architect I.T. Kokovikhin.

During two years a 10-sazhen (20.3 m) column was mounted from cast-iron cylinder castings on a massive granite pedestal, topped with a bronze statue of the 3-meter angel with a 4-meter long cross in his hands. The monument was impressive due to carefulness in finishing of all the details and elements.

Mikhailovskaya column of Izhevsk factory with the monogram of Alexander I was made of metal and it repeated proportions and decoration of the granite Alexander Column on the Palace Square.

In 1918 the monument was destroyed and rebuilt only in 2007, but not in its original form.

Now Mikhailovskaya column’s total height makes up 19 meters. Column body facing is made in tiers, each consisting of three 120-degree segments. At a height of 3 meters after the postament the column goes on the cone, and its diameter shifts from 1.6 to 1.3 meters. The weight of one segment totals from 140 to 180 kg. The last, the tenth tier is solid. The base of the column in the form of a ring also consists of segments. All elements, including the postament and pedestal, are mounted technologically, using dry method on the anchors, without the use of mortar.

The author of the guardian angel sculpture is Pavel Medvedev.


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