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Congratulation of the Head of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin with the National Unity Day and the Day of the Statehood of Udmurtia

Dear citizens of Izhevsk!

I congratulate You with the National Unity Day and the Day of the Statehood of Udmurtia!

The 4th of November is the National Unity Day. This Day is a symbol of equality and unity of people of the Russian Federation in one strong country. During this day we recall all turning points of our history which provided unity of Russian citizens in the name of preserving the independence and integrity of the country.

There is a deep sense in the fact that this date coincides with the Day of the Statehood of Udmurtia. Our Republic and its capital are the example of mutual understanding, friendship and good neighborly relations between people of different nationalities and faiths.

Annually many different celebrations, scientific and practical conferences and festivals which develop citizen’s ability to respect others customs and traditions are held in Izhevsk with the active participation of public organizations and municipal intuitions of culture and education. More than 3 000 people at the Udmurt capital participate in ethnographic art groups. Moreover, there are special classes in schools for exploring the uniqueness of languages. Preserving ethnic identity and strengthening of spiritual unity of people provide stability and cohesion in the social life of Izhevsk, contribute to its social and economic development.

Dear citizens of Izhevsk! We all have different roots but one common aim – to work for the benefit of Izhevsk, the Republic and the country. I wish you all success on this path. Peace, good health and happiness to you!

The Head of Izhevsk                                                                           

Yuri Tyurin

For more information call 41-41-63, Department of International, Regional Relations and Protocol Administration of Izhevsk

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