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German students visit Izhevsk as a part of the international student exchange

A delegation from Germany will visit Izhevsk 6-10 February 2019 within the framework of the international exchange.

The delegation consists of 10 people: students and teachers of the BBS Haarentor (Economic School) from the German city of Oldenburg.

The purpose of their visit is to implement the project “Cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the city of Izhevsk.” Within the framework of the project, foreign students will visit the Izhevsk Polytechnic College, which is the organizer of this exchange, the Ludorvai Museum-Reserve, the Puro-Mozhga Udmurt Village, the World Dumpling Festival, the Kalashnikov Museum, the Union of German youth "Jugendheim" and the Kirov’s park. They have a lot to do: from master classes to hockey on felt boots. And, of course, to study the culture and religion of the Udmurts through various games, dances, stories, and songs.

The international student exchange between Izhevsk Polytechnic College and BBS Haarentor Oldenburg takes place since 2015.

As a part of this exchange, students of the Polytechnic College took part in the Russian-Polish-German exchange and three-day internship at a German company.

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